Rahul Gandhis interview with Arnab-reposted

Rahul Gandhi’s interview will be remembered- because it took nothing away from him.

People switched on their television sets without expectation, and hence no one was disappointed.

Infact, the interview was laced with unintentional humour and surprising sincerity in equal measures- here’s deconstructing the interview into ten solid segments- of who all we saw in that one interview.

1.      I saw shades of his own father, reluctant but sincere.

2.      I saw shades of George W Bush, plenty of well, beating around the concept of empowering women, without data-references or  current incident references to education levels or inhuman khap panchayat diktats. In fact, Rahul Gandhi says I can give examples after examples after examples, without giving a single relevant one.

3.      I definitely saw Barney Simpson of “how I met your mother”- the indulgent smile when he thought he had given a good answer.

4.      I saw shades of Barack Obama, the word change was repeated as often as possible. I saw Benazir Bhutto, a beautiful politician wanting to change the system and often looking too frail to do it.

5.      I saw shades of Marilyn Monroe’s legendary oxymoronic innocence, because no politician asks “are you implying that”, and waits to get hurt. You already know what is being told and how much is be vested in every approach.

6.      I saw a lot of Arnab Goswami in Rahul Gandhi, diligently pursuing an agenda till it became the proven truth of the moment….he repeated his agenda- “the question is who selects the candidates and do we want an open government or a closed government where power is centred in the hands of a few.”

7.      I saw a whole lot of Abhishek Bachhan, a dynastic inheritance that’s so colossal, that being a superlative performer in your own right will never be good enough. You’re doomed to the manor, spoon and surname born.

8.      Curiously enough, I saw shades of Che Guevara- Rahul Gandhi says he cannot handle unfairness, tries to sound like a sincere revolutionary and just like Che- his academic degrees were under question.

9.      I saw lack of preparation on that chair, it’s the biggest interview of Rahul Gandhis life, and he is 4 months away from D-Day, and he comes grossly unprepared- before a master interrogator. Even the extensive aides and allies could have run him through a mock before “hauling him into opinion coals.” He’s either too naïve, or too nonchalant or worse, just the way he may be.

10.  How can we miss that we all saw our own self on that chair. A little unsure, a little scared, but somehow getting up every morning, bootstrapping and taking a local train  to work- with no clue how the day is going to unfold. But we got to do what we got to do.

Heres my message to Rahul Gandhi, as a citizen.

You are not expected to say you’re a very serious politician. We are counting on that. Your work will speak for you.

If you believe that power corrupts, power in fewer hands is harmful, RTI is great and transparency is the need of the hour, come forward more often. The perception of “ Rahul Gandhi as a reluctant man, escaping from the harsh issues” is directly connected to your few and far between straight talk on national television.

There’s no enlightenment beyond the common mans daily life. The voter will be with the leader who can promise  better daily living.


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